What Is An “Employer Sponsorship License,” And How Does It Work?

Employer sponsorship licenses are an essential requirement for employers interested in hiring someone from outside the UK. It is an obligatory requirement and also takes into account unpaid work.

An employer sponsorship license allows you to employ someone that doesn’t reside in the UK. It is necessary for certain groups, although others are excluded from the list, such as Irish citizens, people with indefinite leave to stay in the United Kingdom, and people that possess a settled or pre-settled status in the EU Settlement Scheme.

Types of employer sponsorship licenses

There are two main types of licenses under this category, one for long-term workers and the other for temporary workers. If your business is eligible, you can apply for a license for one or both worker types.

What is a Worker License?

This license allows people to sponsor people with a diverse skillset for job opportunities in the UK. Despite what we described above, the worker will be able to stay in the UK based on their work visa.

What is a Temporary Worker License?

As its name suggests, temporary workers are oriented towards organizations interested in hiring people someone for short-term opportunities, including volunteering.


Each category described above is divided into many other sub-categories based on the organization’s interests. If you’d like to apply for your license already, you can do so by visiting the UK Government’s official website.

Hiring someone from overseas while living in the UK can be complicated if you do not possess the necessary documentation. The information contained in this article has the basic information an employer should know. Still, if you’d like to start the process as soon as possible, we recommend visiting the GOV.UK website to obtain all the information you need regarding employer sponsor licence.

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